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Product Quality

To be Successful in the long run; any business entity needs to build trust in the minds & hearts of the customer… Considering the nature of Export Business, “Quality of the Goods” & “Consistency in Quality” holds the key in building the Trust.
It becomes utmost necessary to meet needs & demand of the customers on continuous basis and continuous monitoring & benchmarking is required to ensure the same At the CAPITAL Kitchenware, quality level is checked at two levels so that we deliver the products as per the commitments done to the buyer meeting their demands & requirements.

Controls on Quality
» To provide the best quality products to the customers, the same needs to be procured at first place. After the procurement is done; two tire processes is followed to ensure that quality meets the standard.
» Appointed Quality checking Experts go to ginning factories to physically check the quality products. Physical inspection is done at the point of arrival of the cargo at warehouse.

Controls on Packaging
At CAPITAL Kitchenware, Manual observation of each & every bales packing condition is done while taking delivery of the products. Also, Re-checking and supervision of packing condition of each & every cartoon at Container while stuffing into the containers for export as well as domestic supply.